Be prepared to protect and preserve life today.


That never ending nagging that constantly pulls at the back of your heart and throat…

I’ve experienced a lot of fear in my life,

Especially now more than ever as a parent…

But one thing my time as a Special Operations Marine has taught me, it’s how to operate successfully in the face of fear.

How to have raw, unfiltered courage, and perform with excellence!

So, how do we excel daily in the midst of the unknown, danger, and adversity?

How can we truly break-free from anxiety, worry, and doubt?

Here is how…

This is a proven method that has taken me from a teen who shoots up dope in the city streets of Chicago, to a Special Operations Marine and world-renowned expert on transforming your resilience and identity.

It’s all truly in your mindset.

“I’m not good enough.”

“I’ll never get that job.”

“She’s just going to leave me.”

“He’s just going to use me.”

We have about 40,000-80,000 thoughts a day… and most of them are negative.

But why?

Why MUST we always default to the negative?

It’s because our brain is built for survival, and negative events are prioritized with our thought process because negative events are tethered to things that hurt and kill us.

Overcome vulnerability with violence

I am an anti-violence advocate, yet its ironic because in order to be truly peaceful, you must be capable of great violence… but just choose to not use it.

A physically incapable person is not peaceful… they’re just incapable, incompetent, and weak.

A person who is capable of great violence, but chooses not to use it except in justified circumstances for the preservation of peace… that person, is Lethal!

Lethality is how we overcome our deepest engrained fears.

By knowing how to protect ourselves and our loved ones, our survivalist brain reduces its level of anxiety because it knows, at a sub-conscious level, that you are physically capable of defending and protecting yourself.

Be your family’s hero, and the example that shows them how to live life with an open mind and full heart.

Overcome the crippling grips of fear, and Live Lethal.

Jeff Cooper Quote about Fighting Back
Joe Malone

Introducing The Lethality University: Life-Saving Transformation

I’ve dedicated my entire adult life to this very moment, living in it, experiencing it, and now; I want to bring all I have learned to everyone. I don’t ever want someone to be standing by and feel helpless. My name is Joe Malone, I’m a former Special Operations Marine and the founder of The Lethality University, "Lethal U". I've dedicated my life to ensuring that no one ever feels powerless in critical situations. With our comprehensive training, you can quickly and easily acquire not only the skills needed to save a life, but…

You’ll become the person who saves lives!

Empower Yourself with Lethal U

At Lethal U, we provide life transformation and take you from where you’re at, to exactly where you want to be.
This transformative process is called, “The Lethal Lifestyle.”


  • Resilience Training: Cultivate a mental fortitude that see opportunities not obstacles.
  • Decision-Making Mastery: Learn to make split-second decisions with clarity.
  • Mindfulness & Focus: Sharpen your concentration, helping you stay present. 


  • Specialized Training Regimens: It’s not a quick 60 days to shred curriculum. It’s sustainable for a lifestyle.
  • Self-Defense Techniques: Mastering the Basics is to Master practical skills.
  • Nutrition & Recovery: Stop being ignorant and lied to. Learn the truth about your food.


  • Goal Setting & Accountability: Self, family, or business; be coached and held accountable by a group of likeminded peers trying to accomplish the same goals.
  • Community & Networking: Weave yourself into the fabric of security that we are providing for one another and network for in person link-ups.
  • Continuous Learning: Never stop learning. If you want to, then get out. We only seek the most out of life.

Learn More


  • Life-Saving Techniques: Be your family’s hero in any emergency.
  • Firearms Training: Be the bad ass in your own movie.
  • Home & Travel Safety: Live, laugh, love; anywhere you are, anywhere you go.
  • Family Safety: Set the example for your kids. Show them how to be a bad ass.

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Southern Cross Safety Academy

Dan Bowden
Dan Bowden
Highly recommend this class with Southern Cross and Joe Malone. Excellent training, advice and safety lessons.
Steve L
Steve L
Just finished up my IL CCW class with Joe at Southern Cross, and Ai can’t say enough about how great of an experience it was. Joe is a fantastic instructor and takes his time to make sure that students of all skill levels are capable of defending themselves and their families. If you are looking for a fantastic experience getting your IL CCW or looking for proficiency training, this is definitely the spot. Looking forward to more training here.
Clara Druszkowski
Clara Druszkowski
Excellent presentation! Simple to understand.
Attended a free class presented by SCSA's training organization. We all learned a lot about home security, including tips that can be implemented by the average homeowner at little or no cost. The presenter was very knowledgeable, with a lot of experience. The audience was given opportunities to ask questions. I will definitely be visiting their new business in New Lenox.
Joanna Ziolkowski
Joanna Ziolkowski
The home defense training was great! I had a lot of good takeaways that I am sure I can implement quite easily!
valerie grellner
valerie grellner
Very relevant and thorough presentation by Mr Malone. Unlike any other program I have attended covering detail and concise methods.
Richard Conklin
Richard Conklin
I was lucky enough to see Joe share his thoughts on home and personal defense at a seminar in New Lenox. He's an engaging speaker with a wealth of knowledge to share. I'm looking forward to learning more from him in the future!
mark w
mark w
Joe is a very good presenter and we really learned a lot from his home protection class.
Kathy Maka Williams
Kathy Maka Williams
We attended a home safety / security seminar by Joe Malone offered at our Village Hall. We got several useful tips and I was pleased that 95% of his presentation did not involve the use of firearms.

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Are You Ready to Be the Hero in Your Story?

Always remember…
“Those capable of great lethality, are capable of preserving great peace.”

Stay Lethal My Friends.


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