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Stop falling victim to the weak mindset and lies we’ve all been fed!

Comfort makes you weak in the mind, lacking in the heart, and blind to the truth- it enslaves you to a life of mediocrity.

People who love mediocrity hate the truth and want to be accepted for who they currently are even though deep down they know they’re capable of so much more…



Let’s break you free from the chains of a mediocre lifestyle that you’ve been conditioned to accept, but deep down internally - you HATE!

Naturally, it’s easy for us to become lazy and caught up in the daily rat race of debt, homes, work, and countless other attention sucking and energy draining sponges…

Deep down you know you want more, but just don’t exactly know how to get it, what changes need to be made, or the new habits you need to form.

I can assure you, it all comes down to this.

Your Mindset.

The Lethal Lifestyle isn’t just about knowing how to use violence in defense of yourself and others, in fact, it’s about much more than that.

Refiguring  the mindset

It’s about your MINDSET.

This is where we always start, it’s what control all things in your life, it is directly responsible for the outcomes of who you are and the life you’re living.

If you want more confidence, more money, more success, more skills, and the ability to lead your family and loved ones through any of life’s many adversities, then you must cultivate the mindset of the person who IS capable of all those things.

That is where we start in The Lethal Lifestyle journey…

Your mindset

Discover ways to:

Reset your default negative belief systems and self-talk

Cultivate a resilient mindset

Tap in to your unused reserves of greatness

By using the methods I learned through my difficult and arduous life’s journey as a Special Operations Marine, I guarantee anyone that these methods will change their life for the better…
I guarantee it!
It’s what took me from a 16-year-old heroin using loser, into one of America’s most elite performance based warriors.

Stop waiting,
Stop living in mediocrity,
Give you family the life they deserve,
Give yourself peace of mind, and of the heart.

Always remember…
“Those capable of great lethality, are capable of preserving great peace.”

Stay Lethal My Friends.