Welcome back to the Lethal Lifestyle Podcast. Today, we’re diving into the recent assassination attempt on Donald Trump. As a Special Operations Marine with experience in personal security details overseas, I’ll share my insights on what transpired, the security failures, and what we can learn from this event. Incident Overview

Introduction Hello, everyone!  I’m Joe Malone, and today we’re breaking down an armed robbery that took place in Brazil. This incident offers valuable insights into the criminal mindset, particularly relevant for us in the United States, especially with the recent influx of migrants and the rise in crime. Let’s dive

Introduction Welcome back, everyone. I’m Joe Malone, your host for the Lethal Lifestyle Podcast, proudly brought to you by The Lethality University. Today, we’re diving into a hot-button issue: gun-free zones. These areas are designated as places where firearms are prohibited, but do they really keep us safer? What Are

The Neurochemical Basis of Emotions and Their Impact on Leadership in Security and Team Management  Abstract  This research article explores the intricate relationship between neurochemicals and emotions, and how these connections influence cognitive processes in high-stress situations. By examining the neurochemical foundations of emotions and their effects on thought quality,

Tiers of Workplace Violence Readiness ROI & Calculations  Understanding the Return on Investment (ROI) for workplace violence readiness programs is crucial for businesses to gauge the financial impact of their safety investments. These ROI calculations and categories originate from industry-standard practices, incorporating both general guidelines and specific data reflective of

Navigating the complexities of personal protection at work involves balancing legal requirements and workplace policies. Ensuring your self-defense measures comply with local laws and respect the comfort of your colleagues is essential.  Understanding Legal Requirements  Before carrying a concealed weapon at work, familiarize yourself with state and local laws. Ensure