FREE EVENT: Basic Handgun Familiarization

FREE EVENT: Basic Handgun Familiarization

FREE EVENT: Basic Handgun Familiarization

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Southern Cross Safety Academy & JM Training presents our Beginners Handgun Familiarization Class, an essential program designed for those new to firearms. This class provides a comprehensive introduction to handgun safety, operation, and maintenance. Whether you’re considering purchasing your first handgun or want to build a solid foundation of knowledge and skills, this course is perfect for you. Taught by experienced instructors, including retired special operations personnel, our class ensures you gain confidence and competence in handling handguns safely and effectively.

Course Highlights:

  • Handgun Safety: Learn the fundamental principles of firearm safety, including safe handling, storage, and transport of handguns. Understand the importance of safety protocols to prevent accidents.
  • Basic Operation: Get hands-on experience with the basic operation of handguns, including loading, unloading, and clearing malfunctions. Our instructors will guide you through each step to ensure you are comfortable and proficient.
  • Shooting Fundamentals: Develop essential shooting skills such as proper grip, stance, sight alignment, and trigger control. Practice these techniques in a controlled and supportive environment to build your confidence.
  • Maintenance and Cleaning: Understand the basics of handgun maintenance and cleaning. Learn how to disassemble, clean, and reassemble your handgun to ensure it remains in optimal working condition.
  • Choosing the Right Handgun: Receive guidance on selecting the right handgun for your needs. Learn about different types of handguns, calibers, and features to make an informed decision.

Start your journey to becoming a confident and responsible handgun owner. Enroll in the Beginners Handgun Familiarization Class at Southern Cross & JM Training and gain the skills and knowledge you need to handle handguns safely!

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2024-07-24 @ 06:30 PM to
2024-07-24 @ 08:00 PM

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