The American Violence Cycle

The American Violence Cycle

The landscape of immigration and border security in America has undergone significant shifts over the years, drawing parallels to historical events such as the Mariel Boatlift from Cuba in the 1980s. The recent trends in immigration, particularly over the last three years, have sparked debates and concerns about the Biden administration’s lack of  competency for national security, community safety, and the socioeconomic impact of these changes on American society.

Since the inception of the Biden administration, there has been a noticeable increase in unauthorized border crossings, with estimates ranging between 12 to 17 million individuals. This surge calls into question  the effectiveness of the Biden administration’s border security measures and the contrasting approaches of the Trump administration which reportedly had human trafficking down up to 98%!!!

The dismantling of policies implemented by the previous administration to secure the southern border has been a focal point of criticism, highlighting the blatant disregard for the well-being of Americans for the benefit of the democrat political party- this comes from implementing no voter ID legislation and mail in ballots in political elections.

Even legal battles have ensued between the federal government and states that have attempted to take matters into their own hands by enhancing border security measures. These confrontations reached the Supreme Court, challenging the autonomy of states in managing their security concerns and highlighting the complexities of federal versus state jurisdiction in immigration matters- which is totally and absolutely insane!

Amidst these challenges, communities across the nation have reported a perceived increase in crime and a disruption to social and youth activities, attributing these changes to the influx of unauthorized immigrants. Some to which, quite frankly, they deserve. That’s what you get for being ignorant and wanting to be a “sanctuary city”.

Furthermore, the provision of substantial financial assistance and legal rights, including the controversial right to bear arms, to these individuals has sparked debates about resource allocation and the fairness of such policies- again, which is such insanity.

Drawing a parallel to the Mariel Boatlift, this article reflects on the consequences of mass migration and the unintended importation of crime that accompanied the influx of Cubans in the 1980s. The comparison underscores the potential risks associated with unchecked immigration, including the possibility of increased organized crime and violence within American cities.

In the 1980’s America saw blood shed like never before which is depicted in movies like Scarface, and the recent television series, Griselda. The question now, is what can we expect in 2024? Back then the migration only consisted of 150 thousand migrants… now its 100 times more than that- literally!

As we approach the summer of 2024, there is a growing concern about the potential for an escalation in crime rates, driven by the recent wave of unauthorized immigrants who have now had time to establish themselves within the country. This concern is amplified by the political significance of the election year, raising questions about the influence of immigration on domestic policies and public safety.

To mitigate the risks associated with this wave of immigration, I want to emphasize the importance of personal defense and preparedness.

The acquisition of firearms and training for self-defense, the installation of home security systems, and an increase in situational awareness is going to be imperative if you don’t wa to be a victim in the coming tide of violence.

Such measures are vital steps towards ensuring the safety and security of American citizens in the face of potential threats.

I can’t help, given the totality of craziness taking place in our country, but question the intentions of the democratic party extremists… Historically I’ve always been inde[endant, but what we’re witnessing is the purposeful destruction of our nations sanctity by those who were “voted” into office to protect it.

We need to implement term limits, we need to renew the focus on law enforcement, community engagement, and personal responsibility to safeguard against the potential negative impacts of this unprecedented wave of immigration.

The only way we can ever guarantee our safety and security, is to do it ourselves.

See improvement, guidance, training, and coaching for you and your loved ones personal safety.

Join The Lethality University, stand for something, and keep America safe.

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