The Lethal Lifestyle Home Security Audit Checklist

The Lethal Lifestyle Home Security Audit Checklist

Home security is not just a matter of installing a few locks and hoping for the best. It is a proactive, ongoing process that requires attention to detail and a comprehensive approach. That’s why conducting a home security audit is crucial. This article transforms a simple checklist into an in-depth guide to securing your home.

Exterior Doors

Locks Inspection
Every point of entry in your home should be equipped with high-quality locks. Check that they function correctly without sticking or resistance.

Door Material and Frame Integrity
Doors should be constructed from solid core or metal-clad materials to resist forced entry. The frames must be robust, without any signs of rot or damage, to prevent them from being easily compromised.

Hinge Protection
Hinges can be a weak spot. Ensure they are not only strong but also have non-removable pins or are located inside the property, making it difficult for an intruder to tamper with them.


Locks Assessment
Evaluate all window locks for their effectiveness. Windows, particularly those on the ground floor, should have sturdy locks.

Additional Security Measures
Consider installing window bars or grills on windows that may be accessible to intruders, such as basement windows.

Shatter-Resistant Treatments
Invest in shatter-resistant film or double-glazing to prevent easy break-ins through windowpanes.

Outdoor Security

Exterior Lighting Review
A well-lit home is a deterrent to burglars. Ensure that all areas around your home are free from darkness where an intruder could hide.

Landscaping and Hiding Spots
Maintain your landscaping to eliminate potential hiding spots for would-be intruders. This includes trimming hedges and bushes.

Security of External Structures
Sheds and other outdoor buildings should be secured with appropriate locks and, if possible, integrated into your home’s overall security system.


Importance of Continuous Lighting
Continuous, well-placed lighting around your property can be a significant deterrent. Pathways, entrances, and dark corners should all have adequate lighting.

Motion Sensor Lights
Motion sensor lights can be an effective way to startle intruders and alert you to their presence. Place them strategically around your property.

Timer-Based Indoor Lighting
Indoor lights on timers can give the appearance of occupancy, deterring burglars. Set these in various rooms to simulate activity.

Security Systems

Installation of Home Security Systems
If you don’t already have a home security system, consider the benefits of installing one. Today’s systems offer a variety of features and levels of protection.

System Testing and Maintenance
Regularly test your security system to ensure its functioning correctly. Maintenance should be performed as needed.

Familiarity with Operation
Everyone in the household should know how to operate the security system. This knowledge can be critical in an emergency.

Garage Security

Securing Access Points
Treat garage doors as you would any entrance to your home. They should be robust and have high-quality locks.

Managing Garage Door Openers
Avoid leaving garage door openers in vehicles parked outside, as they can provide an easy way for thieves to gain access.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Installation and Placement
Properly install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home and ensure they’re functioning.

Testing and Battery Replacement
Test your detectors regularly and replace batteries at least once a year to ensure they are always operational.

Fire Safety

Accessibility of Fire Extinguishers
Keep fire extinguishers in key locations around your home, ensuring they are easily accessible in case of emergency.

Inspection of Electrical Appliances
Regularly inspect electrical appliances and cords for wear or damage to prevent fires.

Emergency Plan

Development and Practice
Develop a family emergency plan for various scenarios, including break-ins and natural disasters. Practice this plan regularly.

Regular Updates
Update your emergency plan as needed, considering changes in family circumstances, or living situations.

Neighborhood Safety

Participation in Neighborhood Watch
A neighborhood watch program can be a significant asset to community safety. Participation can increase the overall security of the area.

Building Relationships with Neighbors
Get to know your neighbors. Open lines of communication can lead to mutual safety support.


Safe Storage in the Home
If you own firearms, ensure they are stored securely yet remain accessible for self-defense if necessary.

Proper Usage Training
Knowing how to use firearms properly in a self-defense situation is crucial. Seek professional training if you are not confident in your abilities.


A home security audit using this checklist is a proactive step towards ensuring your safety and that of your loved ones. It’s about peace of mind, knowing that you’ve taken the necessary precautions to protect your home from intruders and accidents alike.


  1. How often should I conduct a home security audit?
    Ideally, review your home security bi-annually to account for any changes or updates in security technology.
  2. Can landscaping really deter burglars?
    Yes, well-maintained landscaping can remove potential hiding spots and reduce the appeal of your home to burglars.
  3. Are motion sensor lights better than continuous lighting?
    They serve different purposes. Continuous lighting provides constant visibility, while motion sensor lights can startle and alert you to movement.
  4. Is it necessary to have a security system even in a safe neighborhood?
    Yes, crime can happen anywhere, and a security system provides an added layer of protection.
  5. How do I ensure my family knows what to do in an emergency?
    Regularly review and practice your emergency plan with all household members to ensure everyone knows their role and actions to take.

Stay Lethal My Friends,

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